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How to play Craps

So, how exactly do you play the most exciting game in the casino? Well, Craps isn't a very difficult game to master although it might appear so to a novice: chips flying in all possible directions and players yelling what seems to be a secret code. First piece of advice: don't let this game intimidate you. Once you learn how to play craps, you can get in on the action and share all the fun and excitement it has to offer.

In order to be a successful craps player, you need to know the rules and the tricks of the trade. The cause for many of the losses is that the players just don't take the time to learn anything about the game, leading them to make dumb bets. This is also the reason why its popularity has decreased; people think there are too many rules, too much to learn, and the game is too fast, not allowing them to think anything through. Well, what if I told you that is not so? Learning how to play craps can be an easy task, depending on your objectives in the game. The key thing is to distinguish the smart bets from the dumb ones and you'll be well on your way.

One of the first steps to understanding the game is to learn the table layout. Once you get the hang of that, placing a bet suddenly seems a much easier task. As you will see, many of the best bets in the casino are found at the craps table; however, many of the worst bets are also laid across the table, taking up the largest betting area. This can lead to many "sucker" bets, ones with nearly a zero chance of winning. Knowing where to place your bets is the key ingredient to being a successful player and can only increase your odds of winning. Visit the rules page to learn more about placing bets - the smart ones!

Let the games begin!

So, knowing what the odds are and understanding the table layout, you are now ready to place a bet.

The player rolling the dice is the shooter. The first roll is called the "come out" roll. Each time the dice are rolled, they must hit the opposite end of the table for the roll to be considered legal. The opening bet in craps, placed just before the come out roll, is the "pass line" bet. The pass line bets win instantly if the shooter rolls 7 or 11 and lose instantly if he rolls a 2 (snake eyes), 3 (cross eyes), or a 12 (box cars). If a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or a 10 is rolled, it becomes the "point". If the shooter rolls that number again before rolling a 7, a pass line bet wins; if he rolls a 7 first, though, a pass line bet looses. A pass line bet cannot be resolved until either the point or a is rolled. When the shooter loses, the round is over, and a new one starts with a new shooter. A plastic "puck" is used throughout the game to indicate whether or not a session is ongoing, and what the current point is. If the puck is face down (off position), it indicates that a new round is about to start.

There are numerous other bets you can place. The pass line bet is one of the most popular. For more bets, visit the rules page.

Having learned all the basic elements of the game, you can now approach the table with full confidence, knowing that your chances of winning some of that money aren't so badů

So, now that I have told you how to play craps, it's time to put your skills to a test. Whether you do it playing our free game online, or maybe you're planning a trip to Vegas in the near future, you'll find that you can play craps without all the confusion. It's a great experience.

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