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Craps Table Layout

This particular component of craps can be quite confusing. With so many areas to place bets on, no wonder people give up so quickly. The layout isn't that complicated once you take a closer look, and once you start playing you'll use the same areas over and over again, it's easy!

Craps Centre Bets

As you've probably noticed, a craps table has identical layouts on both ends of the table: this is to allow more people to be present at the table during a game. The main layout consists of several betting areas. Each of the bets described on the craps rules page is placed in the corresponding area. Once you know what bets you can make, the layout is easy to follow.

The best way to get perfectly used to the layout and all the betting areas is to hang out and watch a few bets being placed by other players. This way you get to see exactly where and how they put their chips, or how they ask the dealer to place a bet for them. Because the craps table is usually surrounded by big crowds of people, there isn't much room for 'observers' so you'll just have to get pushy.

You should also get to know the members of the crew that control all the action at the craps table:

Craps Table Layout

Stickman - Handles the dice with a long, curved stick; controls the speed of the game, maintains dice security, calls out the rolls, deals with center bets.

Boxman - Sits opposite the stickman. The boxman acts as a supervisor, who approves all buy-ins and payoffs; also keeps an eye on the game in general, watching the other three employees, and settling any disputes.

Dealers - There are always two of them, standing at each end of the craps table. They accept bets from players and are responsible for any payoffs on their half.

Now that you know who the crew consists of, what bets to place and where to place them, you are ready to do some business! Play our FREE CRAPS game to get into the action now!

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