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Other than avoiding the "sucker" bets in craps, there isn't much more a person can do to increase their chance of winning. As is the case with many casino games, you leave a good bit to chance. You're still more than welcome to bring your 'lucky' whatever.

You will see a lot of sites with more than one strategy laid out for you, which can make choosing between them a difficult task. Quite honestly, though, the chances of walking away rich compared to those of walking away completely broke wont be affected by reading these so called 'strategies'. There are a few simple tips to keep in mind when playing craps that can certainly help you avoid losing too much cash.

A good craps strategy will let you get the most fun out of the game, without losing too much money - and giving you the opportunity to actually win some. For starters, looking in on some games can only be to your advantage. It's an easy way to see what kinds of bets are made, how much money is being put at risk and how much of that is won or lost. Being more aware of how the game 'rolls' allows you to make a smarter bet the next time you're up - hopefully. Most people will tell you, and I'm no exception, that a craps table always has a 'vibe' - it can be a good vibe or a bad vibe, but it's always there. When a table gets hot, that's when and where to play. Most of this site will stick to the hard and fast mathematical laws of physics, but when it comes to a hot table, find a spot and start betting, trust me.

Part of a good craps strategy is not to put too much money on the table, especially if you haven't mastered the game. The table is marked in such a way, so that novices will be drawn to the worst bets offered. They're the bets that look the most attractive - giving the player high payoffs, which seems to be the most important thing if it isn't thought out. The high payoff promise hides the very risky aspect of the bet - the odds. Usually, the more money you can make on a bet, the lower your chances are of making any money at all, not to mention keeping what you put on the table.

Knowing that losing money is probably easier than making any, managing it becomes a key factor when playing craps, or any other casino game for that fact. Firstly, don't wager more than you can afford to lose. A beneficial component of a good craps strategy is betting small amounts at a time, which will certainly prolong your game, whether you're winning or losing. It also allows you to identify the bets that will profit you the most. This way, if you happen to be on a losing streak, you have enough time and money to correct your betting system. One of the smartest things you can do is to start with a reasonably small bankroll, say $100 bucks, and playing that to get a sense of the table. In this way, it wont take long for one of two things to happen, either you'll lose all your money or you'll double it. If you double your money, put your original bankroll in your pocket and only play with what you've just won. This is my standard strategy.

During the game-play there are a couple of simple bankroll management techniques that are effective in keeping your cashflow flowing. If you like place bets, try this technique. The first time you win on a place bet, take the winnings but leave the bet up. The second time you win on it, tell the dealer 'press it'. You've already pocketed the winnings once, so what you left on the table is all profit (it's a good idea to only play with profit). When you 'press it', the dealer takes the winnings and piles them on top of the original bet. If you happen to win another time on the same place bet, you're best decision is to either 'press it' one more time, or start collecting. Now, if this place bet runs it's course and hits a number of times before the session ends, you can make a killing by having pressed it just once or twice. After that just take the winnings each time it comes up, it's all profit!

One last thing I'd like to mention, and I can't stress it enough, is: avoid the lousy bets! Any craps strategy that suggests making these bets, particularly on their own, is a dangerous undertaking. If you haven't yet, please read the rules page. I have separated all the bets you can make into good ones and bad ones. So, if you want to play smart, don't fall into the traps. Although there isn't a perfect system or strategy that will guarantee big time winnings in craps, there are ways to avoid being a big time loser.

Hopefully, this site has provided you with enough information to establish your own craps strategy that will help you enjoy the game to its fullest and, hopefully, let you take some of the money that circulates throughout the casino home.

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