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The fastest, most thrilling game in the casino is without a doubt Craps! It is also the easiest game to spot in the house - just listen for the cheering and yelling and watch as people's towering adrenaline shoots right through the roof. The craps table is about three times the size of a blackjack table - with high sides and a sunken layout. Like blackjack and poker, it's a game of skill, which can be played with a high degree of success if your technique is watertight. The bets are placed on the rolling of two six-sided dice - labelled 1 through 6.

As fun as it can be, this fast paced craps game can be very intimidating to most first-time players. As you watch all the commotion, it is difficult (if not impossible) to get the gist of it and you can quickly become disoriented. One should approach craps with some caution, because of its fast and unpredictable nature. Money can be won and lost extremely quickly at a craps table; lost especially if you're a novice. A smart player will do his homework first and approach the game of craps prepared and well informed. But don't worry, there isn't too much to cover before you get started.

There are some elements of the game that you should know before placing a bet at the craps table: the rules, strategies, odds of winning and most of all, the table layout and where to place your bets. Don't let the game intimidate you. After exploring this site, you will know all there is to know about craps and you'll be ready to take on a challenge at our free online craps game or maybe do the REAL thing in Vegas! The opportunities are endless...

You can also visit our list of scheduled tournaments. It's always up to date with weekly tournament events.

Why choosing an Australian casino that offers online pokies is best for the Australian gambler

So have you been looking around for the best online pokies only to find that an online casino does not always cater to your tastes? You should try a site that is based in Australia to make sure that you are getting the best online pokies on the market. There are a few options but none quite hit the mark as well as They offer service that is second to none in so many ways that it is hard to turn them down.

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Learning To Play Online Poker

For anyone who has ever showed an interest in playing poker online there may be some degree of hesitation when it comes to actually getting on that virtual table and trying your stuff. There is no grading system when it comes to poker so you really never know who you will be playing against, you could end up at a table of professionals or complete newcomers like yourself. With this in mind there are some things that you can do to avoid complete defeat should you end up sat opposite the professional end of the scale.

Poker is at the end of the day a game of skill with some parts chance mixed in; in effect you are using your skill to play the cards that are given to you by chance. No matter the level of playing experience, online pokers, as well as live games are actually more balanced than you might imagine. To get yourself ahead you simply need to know the rules of the game, some basic odds and some betting strategies. is here to help you out in this regard. They have some great resources on big poker rooms like Ultimatebet poker for new and experienced players that basically covers how and where to play. Take some time to read all of the available materials and before long you should be out on the tables playing with the best of them and actually winning.

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